spanish specialities in Ca`María

¡A Tapear! But…why?

Ah, as we like tapas… a glass of wine and nibbles, right? But have you wondered where the tradition of tapas come from?

They say that king Alfonso X, called “The Wise” ordered at the time that in the spanish tavern did not serve wine without accompanying any food. The goal? No more and no less than prevent the wine go to your head. Okay, that seems to be entirely clear, but why do we call this small portion of food “tapas”? Exactly that covered (tapar) the glass where they put the wine, that´s how, they say, originally served tapas and is not for nothing but to prevent flies and all these unwanted critters could fall into the glass.

Do you believe it?

All about Morcilla de Burgos… 

Morcilla de Burgos is a very popular spanish black pudding that is used either as a tapas dish in its own right or as an ingredient in other meals. Produced in Burgos in northern Spain, made mostly with pork blood which, unlike other black puddings, includes rice as one of its basic ingredients, is made with onion of the Horcal variety, rice, pig’s blood, pork lard and spices, all stuffed into a natural pork or beef casing and subjected to a cooking process.

Carpaccio – what is it?

Is a plate of raw meat, cut into thin slices nonfat and hindrance. It is usually sprinkles with olive oil and originally of the beef meat, but today you can find all kinds of carpaccio of meat and fish.

Valencian Paella

Made with chicken and rabbit, garrofó (a local variety of bean), tomatoes, green beans, paprika, oil olive and saffron or, failing that, food coloring and of course, rice. The most famous dish of spanish cuisine.



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